Relationship with others
Worksheet-3 Difficulties in relationships


Our close relationships bring out both our positive and negative emotions and behaviours.This exercise may help you identify "where you are" in your relationships and also tap into some of the problem areas with which you are struggling. The more you can be honest and spontaneous about how you really feel, the greater will be the opportunity to work through the difficulties.

  1. Are there some 'pet problems' that have a propensity to arise in my relations with significant others?
  2. Can I reflect on why and from where these problems arise?
  3. Below are some common tendencies that create trouble in relationships. Where do I find myself placed against each of them?
    • Blowing things out of proportion
    • Feeling insecure/jealous/threatened/possessive
    • Unmet expectations
    • Speculations/assumptions about the other's intentions
    • Fear of losing the relationship
    • Always fearing the worst
    • Lack of faith and trust in the other
    • Inability to communicate one's true feelings and thoughts
  4. In my relationships ...
    • It hurts me when _____
    • I feel the most lonely when _____
    • I am most afraid of _____
    • I can't forgive _____
    • I tend to deny _____
    • I regret _____
    • If only _____
    • I am happiest when _____
    • Harmony means _____
    • I feel grateful _____
    • I value _____
    • I respect _____
    • I feel responsible for _____
    • I tend to escape _____
    • I enjoy _____