Who am I?
1. A first look inside


We are all on a journey called "life". For most of us, the only constant companion we have ever had since we embarked on this journey is our own self. But in the midst of life, we often lose touch with our self. The purpose of these worksheets is to help us tune in to ourselves, and touch base with where and who we are. These are exercises in self-reflection, offered as tools to assist in the process of "looking within", becoming self-aware through self-questioning and an inner examination of our thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. to find out who we are and what makes us unique.


This first worksheet "Who am I?" is meant to help you have a first look within yourself; how you define yourself, what forms you, how you project yourself etc.

  1. If I were to describe myself in one word — what would that be and why?
  2. To what extent do the following define me: Name; nationality; religion; family; profession; my physical appearance; my traits; my habits; the different roles I play in my life; anything else.
  3. If I had to peel myself off like a layered onion:
    • What would the outermost layer consist of? (For example, the first impressions I think I give people.)
    • What would the next one consist of? (For example, how/who I am with my closest friends and family.)
    • What would the innermost layer consist of? (For example, who I think I really am when left just to myself.)
    • Am I very different in each of these layers? In what ways?
  4. Draw two masks: One depicting what you look like on the outside and the other depicting what you look like on the inside. The outside mask can include (1) how you present yourself to others, and (2) how you think others perceive you.