Who am I?
2. The roles we play


We are all on a journey called "life". For most of us, the only constant companion we have ever had since we embarked on this journey is our own self. But in the midst of life, we often lose touch with our self. The purpose of these worksheets is to help us tune in to ourselves, and touch base with where and who we are. These are exercises in self-reflection, offered as tools to assist in the process of "looking within", becoming self-aware through self-questioning and an inner examination of our thoughts, actions, emotions, etc. to find out who we are and what makes us unique.


The roles we play in our life form a large part of our identity. We are a son or a daughter, a sister or a brother, a parent, a colleague, a friend, a boss, the list continues. This second worksheet "Who am I?"is an attempt to make us more aware of the many roles we assume during the course of our lives and how we see ourselves with and without them.

  1. If I were to make a list of all the roles I play in my life: sister/brother, son/daughter, mother/father, husband/wife, friend/cousin, etc.,
    • Is there a role/ roles that I identify with most? Why?
    • Is there a role/ roles where I could have done better?
    • Is there a common "me" across these roles?
    • Who am I without these roles?
    • Do I see a difference between the "me" playing roles and the "me" without the roles?
  2. Make a mindmap of me vis a vis my roles and relationships.