Psychology: The Indian Contribution

National Conference on
Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness

organised by the
Indian Council of Philosophical Research
at the
Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
Pondicherry, India
10-13 December 2004

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List of Abstracts

  1. Prof. (Smt) Adesh Agarwal — Nishkama Karmayog and Anasakti; Motivation for Self Realization

  2. Ms. Jyoti Anand — Theory of Karma and Psychological Healing

  3. Dr. Anjali — An Analysis Of the Concept of Lalan-Palan as Directing Mother Baby Interactions

  4. Dr. N. Annalakshmi — Integral Psychotherapeutic Intervention for disturbances of Mind, Body and Vital among Adolescents

  5. Prof. Shanti Auluck — Swabhava and swadharma of students and educators, concerns about individualized and value oriented education

  6. R. Balakrishnan— Yoga Attitude and USHA Well-being among Yoga practicioners

  7. Dr. Soumitra Basu — The Place of Ego in Sri Aurobindo’s Psychological System

  8. Ms. Srila Basu — Journey of a Teacher

  9. Dr. Poonam Batra — Education for Social Transformation: Recognising the ‘Agency’ of the Teacher

  10. Ms. Tripta Batra — Peace Education, Self Development and Teacher Education

  11. Prof. Bharati Baveja — Teacher Education in India: Towards an Alternative Framework

  12. Prof. S.R. Bhatt — Pure Cognition : Philosophical Analysis from Nyaya Point of View

  13. Mrs. Sushama Jayant Bhosale — Application of Indian Philosophy ,Yoga and Spirituality to Psychology as an academic Science

  14. Dr. Braj Bhushan — Cognition & Consciousness Research: Integrating Science & Spirituality

  15. Dr. Arthur Brownstein — Mind-Body Interactions in Health and Healing: a Yogic Perspective

  16. Ms. Gargi Singh Chauhan — A Teacher's Words, Motivation for Self-Knowledge and Self-Development

  17. Ms. Anuradha Choudry — The Legend of the Angirasa Rishis and the Lost Cows

  18. Dr. A.S. Dalal — Sri Aurobindo on Cosmic Consciousness: An Integral View

  19. Dr. Ajit Dalal — Folk Wisdom and Traditional Healing Practices: Some Lessons for Modern Psychotherapies

  20. Prof. A.S. Dash — Methods of Study in Indian Psychology

  21. Dr. Ms. Savita Deo — Personality Types: Indian and Western

  22. Prof. P. Baby Devaki — Emotional Intellignece and Indian Thought

  23. Dr. Saroja Dokkupalle — Effect of behaviour, hypno and spiritual therapies on management of anxiety neurosis

  24. Dr. S.N. Dubey — Yogic Life Style of Indians

  25. Ms. Asha Dutia — Aesthetics of Change: How family therapy works

  26. Ms. Shweta Dwivedi — Yoga an Important Process in the Education of Human Beings

  27. Dr. V.S. Elamurugan — Yoga, Liberation and Transformation, Health and Healing

  28. Ms. Mugdha Gangopadhyay — Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Strategy: Implication of Indian Psychology

  29. Mr. Devdip Ganguli — the Adventure of Consciousness: India's spiritual evolution

  30. Dr. B.P. Gaur — Effect of Preksha Meditation on Management of Stress in Teen Agers

  31. Dr. Sunil Gaur — Why Am I Here? Towards an Indigenous Psychology of Motivation

  32. Dr. Ayushman Goswami — Yoga, Meditation and Education: A way of character building

  33. Dr. Vladimir Iatsenko — Vedantic Approach to Consciousness: Some metaphysical background

  34. Dr. Arbind Kumar Jha — Learning Paradigm: Indian Tradition

  35. Prof. V.N. Jha — Nyaya Vaisesika ways of perceiving the world

  36. Ms. Anuradha Joshi — Learning to Live, an overview of Jeevan Vidya

  37. Prof. Ramanakumar Kanuri — The influence of Consciousness on the Science of Management

  38. Mrs. Vinita Kaushik Kapur — Krishnamurti and Value Education

  39. R.L. Kashyap — Psychological Ideas in the Veda and Their Relevance for Moderns

  40. Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa — Yoga as a Clinical Intervention for Psychological Conditions

  41. Dr. Abdul Majeed Khan — Family, Migration and Ageing: A new Perspective of Health Psychology

  42. Dr. Rupashree Khubalkar — Psycho-Physiological effects of Integral Meditation

  43. Prof. Prema Nanda Kumar — Strengthening the Psyche: the Savitri way

  44. Prof. S.K. Kiran Kumar — Issues and Problems of Assessment in Consciousness Research

  45. Mrs. Ranjana Madan — Managing Self by Detached Involvement

  46. Dr. C.V.K. Maitreya — Management of Spiritual Organisations: An ideal approach using Indian concepts

  47. Dr. Sam Manickam — Integrative Change Model in Psychotherapy: Perspectives from Indian Thought

  48. Prof. V.George Mathew — An Integrative Model of Personality and Personal Growth

  49. Prof. Beloo Mehra — Individualised and Collaborative Learning: Towards Integral Studies Curriculum at AUM

  50. Ms. Ankita Mendiratta — Integral Education: Learning through Self

  51. Dr. Sangeetha Menon — Healing through love, debate and just being: Instances from Indian traditions

  52. Dr. Prafulla K.S. Mishra — Aesthetic Experiences (Relish of Rasas) in different frameworks

  53. Ms. Preeti Mishra — Re-Conceptualizing "Self": exploring the possibilities of an East-West synthesis

  54. Prof. Girishwar Misra — Understanding Causality In Psychology and Indian Thought: Some Methodological and Applied Implications

  55. Dr. Aruna Mohan — Self-Awareness of the Teacher Develops an Holistic Approach to Education (J. Krishnamurti's Perspective)

  56. Dr. Mrs. Radha Mohan — Hypnotherapy as a Psychotherapeutic Tool to Transformation

  57. Dr. K. Krishna Mohan — Spirituality,Mental Health and Psychotherapy

  58. Mr. Ulrich Mohrhoff — Psychology All the Way Down

  59. Dr. Susmita Mukhopadhyay — A Probe On Indian Psycho-Philosophy

  60. Dr. S. Murali — The Aesthetic Dimensions of Sphota And Dhvani

  61. Ms. Pannaga. K. Murthy — The Concept of "Guna": a Critical Analysis

  62. Mr. P. Nachimuthu— Relevance of Rituals

  63. Dr. Gopal Krishna Nanda — Disadvantaged/Bloosomed chidren from Indian perspective

  64. Dr. Damodar V. Nene — Psychology of Hinduism

  65. Dr. (Mrs.) Sandhya Ojha — Psychotherapy in Ayurveda

  66. Ms. Soumya Padmavathi — Healing: The Secret and Sacred Science

  67. Ms. Manasi Pahwa — Spirituality and Counseling

  68. Dr. Minati Panda — Cultural Construction of Creativity: Dualism and Beyond

  69. Dr. Alok Pandey — Psychotherapy and Indian Thought

  70. Mr. Ashish Pandey — Social Development: Inside-out approach In Indian Ancient Wisdom (Learning for Business Organizations)

  71. Prof. Anand Paranjpe — Challenges of Personality Research in India Today

  72. Prof. Aster Patel — The Psychological Perspectives of Our Times: Three Shifts of a Rhythm

  73. Prof. Anand Prakash — Discovering the Human Side of Enterprise by Reorganizing, Indian Organizations

  74. Prof. Indira Jai Prakash — Saging- Development in Old age

  75. Mr. Kumar Ravi Priya — On Becoming purush: Excursions in Gandhi’s Pursuit of seva

  76. Mrs. Martine Quentic-Sequy — Vedantic Interpretation of Dreams

  77. Prof. Pramod Kumar Rai — Unveiling Consciousness: Vedantic theory of personality revisited

  78. Ms. N.P. Rajalakshmi — Vanaprastha - An Experiment, A Way of Life

  79. Dr. Usha Ram — Teacher Traits of Ancient India Are Valid Even Today

  80. Dr. Panch. Ramalingam — Pedagogical Techniques in the Ancient Indian Scriptures

  81. Shri Suvashisa Rana — Human Development over One and Many Lives

  82. Mrs. Mrinalini Rao — If You Donít Mind, It Does Not Matter: A Vedantic exploration of Mind as the object of the self

  83. Prof. Ramakrishna Rao — Indian Psychology: Implications and Applications

  84. Dr. B.N. Raveesh — Role of Religion in Health

  85. Dr. Ananda Reddy — The Subliminal Self and Its Relation with the Outer Personality

  86. Prof. Kittu Reddy — (Awaited)

  87. Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy — Picture drawing test to assess consciousness layers of tribal children

  88. Prof. Pragya Sahay — Liberation and Transformation through Yoga

  89. Mrs. Urmila Samson — Towards a New Education

  90. Prof. Dr. Peter Sedlmeier — Western Scientific Methods and Indian Psychology: How far can they go together

  91. Dr. Meena Sehgal — Spirituality and Health

  92. Lt. Col. (rtd) R.C. Seghal — Work-Culture and Its Dimensions

  93. Ms. Surbhi Sehgal — Disinvestments of a Public Sector Organization: Study from People Perspective

  94. Dr. Larry Seidlitz — Emotion and its Transformation in Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga Psychology

  95. Ms. Shivantika Sharad — Authenticity and Self: Biographical accounts from a psychological perspective

  96. Prof. M.B. Sharan — Understanding of human mind and behaviour: The missing link of intuitive experience

  97. Ms. Anamika Sharma — Handling Conflicts as Yoga by Augmenting Spiritual Intelligence

  98. Mr. Anshuman Sharma — Effect of Preksha Meditation on Frustration of Prisoners

  99. Prof. Kavita A. Sharma — From Despondency to Action : The Transformation of Arjuna and Yudhishdhira in the Mahabharata

  100. Prof. Mrs. Manju Sharma — Implementation of Yoga Programme in Schools: Need of the hour

  101. Dr. Neerja Sharma — Education of Children with Special Needs: Reflections on “Best Practices” to Assimilate Children in the Mainstream

  102. Dr. Pradeep Sharma — The Psychological Mode of Existence of a Work of Art

  103. Mr. Pulkit Sharma — On The Seashore: Dialogues Between Indian Psychology and Modern Psychotherapy

  104. Dr. Subhash Sharma — Quantum States of Mind: Ordinary perception to Extra-Ordinary Perception

  105. Dr. Anjum Sibia — Education for Life: The Mirambika Experience

  106. Dr. Abha Singh — Hatha Yoga, Health and Healing

  107. Mr. Kundan Singh — Moral Relativism and the Practice of Integral Yoga

  108. Ass. Prof. Pawan Kumar Singh — Indian Ethos and Human Resource Development

  109. Prof. G.N. Prakash Srivastava — Indigenous Approaches to Self and Consciousness

  110. Dr. Mukesh Srivastava — Self and Consciousness

  111. Dr. Usha Srivastava — Indian Concepts of Self and Personality

  112. Dr. Anil Kumar Tewari — Citta: Substance versus flux

  113. Dr. K.M. Tripathi — Pratyahara-as a technique of Mental Health management

  114. Km. Uma — Aurobindo's Philosophy as exhibited in his Poetry through Consciousness

  115. Dr. Suneet Varma — One Self or Many Selves

  116. Mrs. Vijaybharti — Waking Up to Oneself

  117. Mrs. T.D. Vimala — The Indian approach to personality development

  118. Dr. Bhaskar Vyas — Utilization of Archetypal Symbols from Indian Tradition in Hypnotherapy

  119. Ms. Dipika Bipinchandra Vyas — Spirituality in Loka Sangraha

  120. Dr. Mrs. Rajni Vyas — Scientific Foundation of Hypnotherapy

  121. Mr. Ananda Wood — Physics and Psychology

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