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Foundations and Applications of Indian Psychology
Matthijs Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, & Suneet Varma (eds.)
New Delhi: Pearson Education.
418 pages; 173 x 235 mm

Karan SinghPreface
   - What is Indian psychology?
   - A short description of the chapters
1 K. Ramakrishna Rao Indian psychology: Implications and applications
2 Ajit K. Dalal A journey back to the roots: Psychology in India
3 Kundan Singh Beyond mind: The future of psychology as a science
4 Peter Sedlmeier Indian psychology and the scientific method
5 William Braud Integrating yoga epistemology and ontology into an expanded integral approach to research
6 R. M. Matthijs Cornelissen What is knowledge? A reflection based on the work of Sri Aurobindo
7 Girishwar Misra Knowing in the Indian tradition
8 Vladimir Iatsenko On the Vedic symbolism in the light of Sri Aurobindo
9 Priya Ananda & Ajith Prasad Models of personality in Buddhist psychology
10 Kiran Kumar K. Salagame Ego and ahaṁkāra: Self and identity in modern psychology and Indian thought
11 Bahman A. K. Shirazi The Sufi path of self-transformation
12 Suneet Varma Integral Psychology: A new science of self, personality and psychology
13 Girishwar Misra Psychology of emotions: Some cultural perspectives
14Kapil KapoorPhilosophy of healing in Indian medicine
15 Anand C. Paranjpe Healing and counselling in a traditional spiritual setting
16K. M. TripathiConcept and scope of pratyāhāra in management of mental health
17Alok PandeyPsychotherapy and Indian thought
18Michael MiovicPsychotherapy and Integral Yoga Psychology
19Neeltje HuppesIntegral education: An application of Indian psychology
20P. Ram ManoharThe blending of healing and pedagogy in Āyurveda
21Bharati BavejaSituating teacher education in the Indian context: A paradigm shift
22Anjum SibiaEducation for life: The Mirambika experience
23Vinita Kaushik KapurKrishnamurti and value education
24Kumar Ravi PriyaBroadening of consciousness: A healing process among the survivors of the Kachchh earthquake
25Raghubir Singh PirtaResolution of social conflicts: An Indian model
26Ashish Pande & Rajen K. GuptaSpiritual climate of business organizations and its impact on customers' experience
Glossary of words of Sanskrit or Pali origin


Foundations and Applications
of Indian Psychology

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