Introduction to Indian Psychology

An experiential 10-day workshop focusing on
individual growth, counselling, and education

May 28 – June 6, 2007
Indian Psychology Institute



More and more people are becoming aware of the treasures which the Indian tradition can contribute to our psychological understanding of human nature. Indian literature, philosophy and yoga are based on a very deep insight in life and how it unfolds on this planet, and Indian approaches to psychology can add a greater depth and meaning to psychological theory as well as practice. The life-affirming spirituality that is the very basis of the Indian civilization is not only essential for our own individual happiness, but also for the harmonious evolution of the global civilization. In theoretical fields as well as in applications like counselling, psychotherapy and education, Indian approaches to psychology are not only more in harmony with the Indian culture but also so universal that they can play a crucial role in the future of the world at large. 

Content and structure of the course

  • The basic concepts and processes that are part of Indian psychology will be explained in lectures that are based on an intense, direct interaction with the participants.
  • The course is interspersed with sessions in which the participant are helped to experience the core concepts mentioned in the lectures, for example “self” in Western and Indian psychology.
  • There will be time for self-reflection, and maintaining a daily diary is part of the course structure.


Participation is open to postgraduate Psychology students, lecturers, and professionals. A short write up (maximum 300 words) explaining one’s motivation for attending this course is to be submitted along with the registration form.

Accommodation, Fees and Registration

  • Accommodation will be in double or triple rooms in a guesthouse of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.
  • You are asked to contribute Rs. 1800/= towards the cost of the seminar.
  • As the number of available seats is limited, the registration is a two-stage process: First, send us by post or email the registration form plus a short description of why you are interested in following this course. Only after you receive from us an acceptance letter, send us the Demand Draft of Rs, 1800/=. The DD should be in favour of Indian Psychology Institute, and payable at Puducherry (formerly Pondicherry).
  • Please apply as soon as possible, but not later than 21 April.
  • The Demand draft should reach us not later than 1 May.
  • Participants will receive detailed travel instructions along with the acceptance email.

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