Sva-Parichayam '22
an introduction to Integral Yoga Psychology
A four-month journey

About the program:

This is a program offered by the Indian Psychology Institute, Pondicherry.

This learning journey is meant to help you develop a better understanding of yourself and to progress in the journey of your life through consciousness-based processes. It provides self-reflective tools to delve into your own being, create a space for self-observation and foster reflective conversations with a community of seekers.

It offers an introduction to Integral Psychology and is largely, but not exclusively, based on the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, who provide an extraordinary framework for growth in self-knowledge.

Topics like cognition and modes of knowing; self and personality; yoga-based research methodologies; processes of change; relationships; professional work involving application of psychological processes (education, therapy, etc.) are covered. The central focus is on increasing self-knowledge and developing consciousness-based psychological skills that help both in one’s personal growth and in one’s work.

Program Details

The program will be held in three parts: an eight-day retreat in Puducherry, 14 weeks with two online sessions each week, and a three-day online concluding session.

8-day Retreat:

Dates: 25th June to 2nd July (full time, residential)
Content: Each day includes sessions by experts, guided self-reflections and journaling time.
(The program starts on 25th June at 2.30 pm and ends on 2nd July around noon.)

14-week guided Project Work (online):

Date: 7th July to 9th October
Online expert sessions (on Thursday evenings) + sharing circles (on Sundays). The structure of the weekly sessions can be adapted to the group’s requirements.

During these 14 weeks the participants are required to take up a Project on any psychological aspect of oneself that one wants to research, change or grow in, such as faith, equanimity, harmony, trust etc. These largely self-directed projects will involve literature study, detached self-observation and journal writing. Towards the end of the course (4 months), participants will be required to submit a project report and make a presentation.

Concluding Session (Online)

Dates: 14th Oct to 16th Oct
The concluding session will include oral project presentations and submission of written project reports. This session will be held online.

The proposed schedule as described above is subject to change depending on COVID situation/restrictions at that point in time: the mode of delivery for the 8-day retreat may have to be online instead of offline.


The facilitators include Dr. Matthijs Cornelissen, Neeltje Huppes, Dr. Vladimir Yatsenko, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Dr. Alok Pandey and more. Besides them, Indian Psychology Institute’s alumni will be facilitating the journey.

Click here for more about the facilitators from SP 2020.


Applications are invited from anyone who seriously wants to get an experience-based understanding of Integral Yoga Psychology through processes of inner growth and self-development.

The intent of this learning journey is to cater to all those who are interested in developing psychological knowledge through processes of inner growth and self-development, and those having an aptitude for first-person studies. Candidates who have the scope and potential to take it forward in a professional or academic setting (mental health professionals, psychology students and teachers, individuals working in social and educational setups) shall be given preference.


The monetary contribution to the program is expected to be Rs. 12,000/- per candidate. However, full/partial waivers are offered to candidates based on the requirement and applications.

This contribution does not include expenses for food & accommodation in Puducherry, during the 8-day retreat. Cost of accommodation ranges from Rs 500/- to Rs.2000/- per day per individual. It will be facilitated by us at cost price.


In order to apply for the program, kindly fill the Google form by clicking on the following link:

There are only limited seats, so if you are interested, please register at the earliest, but not later than 15th May 2022. The information regarding your selection shall be communicated to you by 1st June 2022.

The selection process involves shortlisting of candidates based on the content of the application, followed by online interaction with the shortlisted candidates before the final selection.

For any further information, please write to: