Teaching Indian Psychology:
An experiential approach
A 6-day workshop in Puducherry,
May 27  to June 1, 2018


The new model syllabus for the teaching of psychology at Indian universities (UGC, October, 2017) encourages the teaching of Indian approaches to psychology. This is a welcome development, because the Indian civilization has much to contribute to psychology. But putting it into practice is not that easy. What is Indian psychology? And how should we teach it? There are many different psychological traditions in India, and in virtually all of them, psychological knowledge and know-how are based on psychological growth and a deep inner development. So where should we start?

In this 6-day workshop, we will focus on four essential elements:

  • A broad philosophical foundation that can support the whole variety of different approaches to psychology, both Indian and Western, with a stress on how they can complement and enrich each other.
  • Derived from all these schools, a simple but comprehensive model of human nature, reaching from the ego to the Self, and including all that comes in between.
  • A collection of exercises, which one can do with students and at home, that can help to get a “lived sense”, a direct experience of what Indian psychology is about.
  • An experience-based understanding of how the consciousness–centred approaches of the Indian tradition can take psychology further in every direction: in the classroom, in research, in inner development and in applied psychology.

Of course,  6 days is a very short time, especially because it is not only a matter of content to be transacted, but of developing a new way of looking at oneself and one’s students, at life and at work. Still, in our experience with similar workshops over the last ten years, one intensive week together with others with a similar intent does help people to make a beginning, discover how to proceed and develop their very own way of “doing”  Indian psychology.


In all our work, we make extensive use of the work of Sri Aurobindo who has made an integral synthesis of the various Indian traditions, and provides us with a deep and inspiring vision for the future.


This workshop is meant primarily for people who are teaching or planning to teach Indian psychology.

Important Information

  • Dates: 27th May to 1st June, 2018
  • Registration Fees: Rs. 3500
  • Last date for Registration: 25th April, 2018
  • Venue: Park Guest House, Pondicherry

Please note that the registration fee does not include boarding and lodging. We will, however assist participants with arranging their stay at the venue where the cost of accommodation ranges from Rs. 200/- to Rs. 1200/- per person, per night.


Please email the following information as early as possible, but not later than April 25, 2018 to  mail@ipi.org.in 

  1. A 300 word “biographical note”
    Focus here on the work you have already done in the fields of psychology, Indian philosophy and yoga.
  2. A 300 word “motivation note”
    Focus here on why you are interested in teaching Indian psychology, what you expect from this workshop, and how you plan to use what you will learn after completing this  workshop. 
  3. Factual information 
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    • Please share how you came to know about the workshop
  4. Along with the registration form please send us a digital copy of your photograph.

There are only limited seats, so if you are interested, please register at the earliest, but not later than April 25, 2018
Please don't send the fees before you have received our acceptance email.