Part Two — How do we know?
A short note before we start
author: Matthijs Cornelissen
last revision: September, 2017

The first chapter of Part Two deals with the basic nature of knowledge: its different types, modalities, realms, degrees of awareness, objectives, and stages. The second chapter looks at "higher" types of knowledge, the kind that most people have only occasionally in a rare flash of "anomalous cognition". As we will see, the practice of yoga can help to make them more accessible and to study them more systematically .The third deals with the difficult issue of how to make subjective, inner knowledge more reliable. The fourth and last chapter deals with a few other practical issues regarding first-person research.

While this material is in progress, readers can resort to two stand-alone articles that are available elsewhere on the IPI website: “What is knowledge? A reflection based on the work of Sri Aurobindo” and “Research about yoga and research in yoga: Towards rigorous research in the subjective domain”. In the outline I've indicated here and there which items link to the old articles and which to the new Infinity texts.

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