Towards a spiritual psychology: Essays in Indian Psychology
edited by: K. Ramakrishna Rao & Sonali Bhatt Marwaha

01 Foreword:
G. J. V. Jagannadha Raju
02 Introduction
K. Ramakrishna Rao
03 Scope and substance of Indian psychology
K. Ramakrishna Rao
04 A model of self, work, and spirituality from the Bhagavad-Gita: Implications for self-efficacy, goal setting, and global psychology
Dharm P. S. Bhawuk
05 Being and wellbeing in Upanishadic literature
Sangeetha Menon
06 Concept ahamkara: Theoretical and empirical analysis
S. K. Kiran Kumar
07 Manas: In defense of the inner self
Arindam Chakrabarti
08 The concept of Sakshin (witness-awareness) in Dvaita and Advaita Vedanta: A critical study of similarities and dissimilarities
Prahalada Char
09 Disintegrity in self-centeredness, integrity in self-knowing: A perspective of J. Krishnamurti
G. Aruna Mohan
10 Self and personality in Sri Aurobindo’s yoga: An overview of his terminology
Matthijs Cornelissen
11 From the self to the Self: An exposition on personality based on the works of Sri Aurobindo
Suneet Varma
12 The evolving soul, a key concept in Sri Aurobindo’s work: Its ramifications for further development of human potential and Indian psychology
Neeltje Huppes
13 The science of affect: Some Indian insights
Girishwar Misra
14 Personality research: An Indian perspective
Jitendra Mohan
15 Trigunas: A review of empirical studies
M. Sitamma
16 Development of a personality tool based on Upanishadic concepts: Conceptual and methodological issues
L. S. S. Manickam
17 Relationship among chakras, character, constitution, and karma
Hiroshi Motoyama
18 Self in contemporary life: Challenges and possibilities
Sunil D. Gaur
19 Child care in ancient India: A life span approach
Malavika Kapur
20 Classical Indian approaches to psychological dysfunction
J. P. Balodhi
21 Psychotherapeutic concepts in the Atharva Veda
K. Rangaswami
22 Perspectives of religio-spiritual groups on health and well-being
Meena Sehgal
23 Spirituality, human health and wellness: Overview of the field
Michael Miovic
24 Spirituality: It’s impact on health and well-being
Deepa Mohan
25 Coping with incarceration: The role of yoga, meditation, and spirituality
K. Suneetha
26 Living with poverty: Are psycho-spiritual dimensions the x-factor in family resilience? A proposed research agenda
Sonali Bhatt Marwaha
27 Building tall on solid foundations: Directions for indigenous personality research in India
Anand C. Paranjpe
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Author Index
Subject Index