Syllabus for Bangalore University

Syllabus of Indian and Transpersonal Psychology

Core paper for 4th semester MSc Psychology course
Total hours: 50
Number of students: Approx. 150
MSc psychology course with this syllabus is offered in 5 Colleges and University Departments.

Course Description:

  • Unit 1: Definitions, nature, differentiation of concepts; indigenous, Indian, transpersonal psychology, relationship between culture and psychology, emergence of indigenous and non western perspectives to psychology.
  • Unit 2: Major schools of Indian psychology, world views and methods of knowing in Upanishads, samkhya, dvaita, and advaita schools, basic methods of study, current research in Indian psychology.
  • Unit 3: Self and consciousness, viewpoints of Upanishads, baghvatgeetha, Buddhism and Jainism, and other Indian schools of thought.
  • Unit 4: Health -well being- human development: Indian approaches to health and well being, yoga, ayurveda, goals of life- concept of purusharthas, personality development- concept of ashramas.
  • Unit 5: Transpersonal approaches- transpersonal phenomenon and consciousness- contribution of William James, Jung, Christian mystical tradition, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism in understanding transpersonal phenomenon.