Indian psychology

Syllabus for M. S University, Baroda

1. Level at which the course is taught: Third year graduate level.

2. Total duration of course: Around 15 hours.

3. It is part of a core paper on Perspectives in Applied Psychology, which is divided into 5 different units. One of these 5 units is on Indian psychology.

4. The syllabus:

  • History and overview of Indian psychology.
  • Self and Identity, Consciousness, Will-Freedom of Will personality.
  • "Knowing" in the Indian tradition.
  • Indian perspective on emotion.
  • Application of Indian psychology: Yoga, meditation, Vipassna, Art of Living.
  • Assessment and research methods in Indian psychology.

5. The main reading material suggested is "Handbook of Indian Psychology" edited by K. Ramakrishna Rao, Anand C. Paranjpe and Ajit K. Dalal.

6. Evaluation: The course is taught through lecture method followed by discussion; hence, the evaluation is done in a traditional way of taking written exams measuring only learning of concepts.

7. This course is offered since 5 years now.

8. Number of students: Every year around 70-74 students complete this course.