PSYBGE02 - Integral Psychology
Elective Course

Syllabus for Bharathiar University: Coimbatore- 641 046

Department of Psychology; M.Sc Applied Psychology
Semester pattern (CBCS)
(For the Students admitted during the Academic year 2007-2009 and onwards)
Maximum marks: 100 (External 60 + Internal 40)

Unit I: Consciousness the Reality

Consciousness the reality. The Manifold Being. The Surface Being and the Inner Being. Levels of Consciousness: Conscience, Subconscient, Superconscient. Gradations of higher consciousness.

Unit II: Outer Being and Outer Mind

Outer Being: Outer Mind, Outer Vital Being and Outer Physical Being. Inner Being; the Subliminal Self. The Psychic Being & psychic entity. Psychical phenomena.

Unit III: Purusha and Prakriti

Purusha and Prakriti: Soul and Nature - The Gunas of Prakriti: The three modes of Nature - Self, Ego and Individuality - Liberation and transformation. The Psychology of Faith.

Unit IV: Techniques to Control Disturbance of Mind, Vital and Physical.

Dealing with disturbance of Mind (Anxiety, obsessions and compulsions), disturbance of Vital (Boredom, Lack of energy, Depression, Anger, Feelings of inferiority, Sensitiveness) and disturbance of physical consciousness: Will, discipline and endurance, Faith and suggestion.

Unit V: Techniques for Growth and Mastery

Stepping back - Becoming aware of ‘oneself’ – Self-observation – Visualization – Mastery through attitude – Identification – Using life as a mirror – Widening of consciousness – Dynamic meditation – Exercising static power – Awakening inner consciousness – Drawing upon helpful forces.

Reference Books

Dalal, A.S. (1987). Living Within – The yoga approach to psychological health and growth: Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

Dalal, A.S. (2001). A Greater Psychology – An introduction to the psychological thought of Sri Aurobindo. NY: Jeremy P.Tarcher & Putnam.