This paper was presented at
Psychology: The Indian Contribution
National Conference on
Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness
organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research
at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
Pondicherry, India, 10-13 December 2004

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Indian ethos and human resource management

Pawan Kumar Singh — Mumbai.

Ethos relate to fundamental character and spirit of a culture. Indian Ethos (IE) deal in almost all the aspects of managing human affairs in work situations of the modern era. The area of Human Resource Management (HRM) particularly in India has to learn much from IE. This paper examines four main issues: a) the relevance of IE for solving problems of modern HRM; b) the main sources of IE; c) the pertinent issues related to HRM which have been adequately addressed by sources of IE; d) the specific issues of communication, team building, training-learning effectiveness, ego, and negative intrapersonal forces from the angle of IE.

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