This paper was presented at
Psychology: The Indian Contribution
National Conference on
Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness
organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research
at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
Pondicherry, India, 10-13 December 2004

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Journey of a teacher

Srila Basu — Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Delhi.

This paper is a description of the genesis on the Mirambika Teacher education program. The process of how a teacher evolves during her teacher education programme, how she educates herself with the help of the content and the guidance offered. During the course, the teacher sustains her interest by participating in community living, practicing ‘Science of Living’, understanding and applying the three principles of teaching in her life. The core idea is to change the nature of teacher education programmes, with an emphasis on the humanist teacher - one who grows and changes and does not use the classroom as a laboratory to experiment the hypotheses drawn from educational theory. Further the teacher is also a seeker, walking a path of discovery to reach a level so as to be able to receive new things. It concludes that at the core of Integral education lies the development of the inner being. Integral education makes the being conscious of itself and gradually manifests itself in its outer nature, mental, vital and physical plane thus helping in the growth of consciousness. A part of this project consists of excerpts from the study undertaken by Mirambika teacher education, sponsored by NCERT.

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