Yogic-Force in the Mind and Body Consciousness

Aquib Javed, N.P.Singh, U.D. Pandey & V.Asnani
Defence Institute of Psychological Research

The present paper aims to find out the bases of yoga that serve as a force for mind and body consciousness. These forces exert from inside as well as outside the body to get the desired demands i.e., consciousness. Those that exert from inside help to get mind consciousness and those that exert from outside help to get body consciousness. The concept of yoga appears very fruitful in building the foundation of consciousness, and it is in fact believed that consciousness is the ultimate goal of yoga. Many forces that are commonly known as yogic-forces facilitate practice of yoga. Yogic-Forces are inevitable for mind as well as body consciousness. It is not possible to make a foundation of consciousness if the mind and body are restless. Review of literature in the field of yoga helps to distinguish the yogic-force for both mind and body consciousness. Calmness, peace, silence, faith, aspiration etc are yogic-forces responsible for mind consciousness that belong to the soul. All these yogic-forces are equally responsible for contributing to the foundation of mind consciousness. The forces that stand in the way of consciousness are dealt after the mind and heart have become one and concentrate in the single aspiration i.e., mind consciousness. On the other hand, food, drink, sex, etc are considered as other types of yogic-forces that are necessary for body consciousness. Body consciousness cannot be achieved if these forces are not met at reasonable level. These are physical demands of the body in order to keep the body balanced. It is necessary to see how one gets consciousness because it is unobservable. Consciousness is actually, a state of mind, which refers to sentience. It is typically, begins when one wakes from a dream state. It can be achieved at any level with the help of yogic-forces.

This paper was presented at the
National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India, September 29 - October 1, 2002