Spirit, mind and body connection: A new field for research in psychology

C.N. Daftuar
M.S. University, Baroda

In my earlier article, 'Psychology in the Third Millenia' (Journal of Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, 1999, 25 {1-2}, 1-10), it was emphasized that one of the areas that psychology will explore in future will be spirituality to become a science of humans and their consciousness. Psychology will seek to shift its focus from being a science of behaviour to become the science of humans and their consciousness which will include everything including the causes of behaviour or/non behaviour. Behaviour is too narrow a theme to be of much use for psychologists in the more enlightened world of tomorrow. The present paper extends the same theme with some newer logic and recent researches. The focus of the present paper is to argue that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules, but like everything else, is composed of energy fields. We are in a state of flow -- constantly changing, ebbing, expanding, reaching `out' and `in' of ourselves. Unless this phenomena is not attempted and understood by psychologists, the discipline will remain a branch of incomplete knowledge satisfied by trivial aspects of human minds or behaviour while physicists, biologists, chemists and the like will become better psychologists than the psychologists themselves. Humans, like any other organic or inorganic substances, are constantly surviving in a vast sea of life-energy fields, thought fields and bioplasmic forms, moving about and streaming around the body. We are vibrating, radiating bioplasma itself. After about 5,000 years when the Hindu seers propounded such ideas, scientists of the day are rediscovering this phenomena and are trying to understand the intricacies of this (so far) unknown world. We need to enter into this field to understand a host of hitherto unexplored mysteries of the inner world as well as inter-personal relationships. We need to develop suitable methodologies if we wish to unravel the whole range of mysterious human phenomena. The paper also intends to show how the human energy-field could be a potential area of study by psychologists of the near future to understand and predict human behaviour and relationships.

This paper was presented at the
National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India, September 29 - October 1, 2002