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Yoga is nothing
but practical psychology
(Sri Aurobindo)


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By the Way

This is an invitation to bring together some psychological reflections, observations and insights that come our way in our everyday lives but are often ignored in the hectic routine. We hope that these insights may reveal to us those hidden depths that hold the true meaning of our existence. Perhaps they can be a small reminder that if we look deep and long enough we get closer and closer to the Truth that upholds this marvellous and mysterious creation.

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For many of us life is a rut, nothing more than a well chalked out routine! We sleep, we eat, we interact, we work like million other human beings. We live because we can’t do otherwise! Life becomes a habit, you ask no questions and you get no answers.

But then if we could live forever in this passive resignation, in this state of complete submission to circumstances, then there would have been no need of philosophers or yogis. An Aristotle, a Vivekananda or a Nietzsche would have nothing to say. We would be no better than the plants and the animals; there would be nothing human about us!

But fortunately for us there comes a time in our lives when we realize that there is more to life than food, sleep, work. What is “this something more” is a question that each of us tackles in our own way. Everyone has a different answer! And this section is an attempt to bring together our different answers . It is an endeavour to try and observe and understand life from another perspective. It seeks to answer questions regarding:

1)    Man: “Who am I?” “Why do I exist?” “Where am I heading?”

2)    Life:  “What is life?  Its beginning, its end, its purpose”

3)    God:  “Who is He?” “Is He the end, the goal?” “Is He the help?”

Fundamental questions, the answers to which can’t be found in a book or provided by anybody else. These are answers that have to be discovered in life. And on our quest to attain these truths sooner or later we realize that behind the surface life of everyday there is another more meaningful life. A life that is far more fulfilling. A life with a purpose. A life worth living!

 -- Divya Parasher

“try to look at things and understand them with a new vision and a new understanding based on something higher, something deeper, vaster, something more true, something which is not yet but will be one day. And it is because we want to build this future that we have taken this special stand."

-- the Mother

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