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Yoga is nothing
but practical psychology
(Sri Aurobindo)


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In a spirit of progressive collaboration with others active in the field, the Indian Psychology Institute engages itself in the following aspects of Indian Psychology:

  1. Networking organisations and people working in the field
    (To this end we are preparing a database of organisations, people and textual material)
  2. Support of research projects at MA/MSc, MPhil, Phd and post-doctoral level
    both, in theoretical areas of Indian Psychology, and in various forms of fieldwork:
    • counselling and psychotherapy
    • education
    • social development, HRD, and management
  3. Design of courses in Indian Psychology for universities, high-schools and the general public
  4. Preparation of source material
    • textbooks at graduate and post-graduate level
    • introductory and specialised articles and monographs
    • translations of IP related texts into various languages
  5. Dissemination of information and textual material through:
    • this web site
    • an email-based newsletter/forum
    • printed publications
  6. Organisation and support of workshops and seminars:
    • conferences
    • focused seminars on areas like cognition, methodology, child-development, life-stages, therapy, education, management, etc.
    • training courses for teachers in Indian Psychology
    • training courses on research methods in Indian Psychology

All IPI projects will, as far as possible, have four components


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