Consciousness and its Transformation

Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Integral Psychology,
Pondicherry India
4-7 january 2001
Published by SAICE, Pondicherry (India), 2001

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Matthijs Cornelissen: -- Introduction
Section One: Integral psychology
A. S. Dalal: -- Reversal of consciousness, thoughts on the psychology of the new birth
Bhaman Sherazi: -- Integral psychology, metaphors and processes of personal integration
Shraddhavan: -- Savitri, a key to Sri Aurobindo’s psycho-cosmology
Section Two: Integral psychotherapy
Brant Cortright: -- Integral psychotherapy as existential Vedanta
Alok Pandey: -- Practical aspects of integral psychotherapy
Soumitra Basu: -- Integral psychotherapy: personal encounters
Michael Miovic: -- Towards a spiritual psychology: bridging psychodynamic psychotherapy with integral yoga
Section Three: Integral yoga and the Indian tradition
Arabinda Basu: -- Sri Aurobindo’s metaphysical psychology: a brief introduction
Chote Narayan Sharma: -- Consciousness and its transformation
Ananda Reddy: -- Vedantic yoga-psychology
Vladimir: -- Sanjnana, ajnana, vijnana, prajnana
Aster Patel: -- Working in Matter
Section Four: Modern psychology and spirituality
S. Narayanan: -- The probabilistic orientation
George Mathew: -- Models of consciousness and its transformation
Jane Henry: -- Developing creativity
S. K. Kiran Kumar: -- Contextual approach to meditation and integral psychology
K. Krishna Mohan: -- Spirituality and well-being: an overview
Section Five: Epistemology and methodology
Max Velmans: -- A map of consciousness studies
Dennis Hargiss: -- Integral phenomenology: a method for the “new psychology”, the study of mysticism and the sacred
Sangeetha Menon: -- Beside the “intentor” and the “integrator”: looking at two “faces” of consciousness
Kundan: -- Beyond postmodernism: towards a future psychology
Ulrich Mohrhoff: -- Beyond the cookie cutter paradigm
Section Six: Workshops
Jan Maslow: -- Insight dialogue session
Don Salmon: -- Voyaging through worlds of splendour and calm: an experience of integral pscyhology
Addresses of the authors