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“Essentially there is but one single true reason for living: it is to know oneself.”



I, me, myself

Psychology as a discipline deals largely with the human personality. It endeavours to understand in depth the workings of the human mind, behaviour and emotions. Therefore it is imperative that anybody dealing with psychology enquires profoundly into the human nature and what better place to start this exploration than ourselves! This section is an attempt to look deep within ourselves and find out who we really are.

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Finding the Real Me

“Who am I?” Well, life would be much easier if the answer went somewhat like this, “I am a concentration of atoms and molecules that conglomerate into a roughly defined volume giving me a shape and appearance like that of other similarly collected atoms. The concentration ought to be at its most dense near the region that has been called ‘the brain’!”

But as “there is more to life than the naked eye perceives” this definition is incomplete. We are obviously not just a set of bones, nerves, muscles and loads of empty space. There comes with our outer physical constitution a whole set of inner components: our thoughts, feelings, desires, emotions, ambitions… And we don’t really identify ourselves just with our physical appearance but also with all those movements that take place in our brain and heart!

The whole problem that we face when we try to define ourselves is in the fact that we are unaware of these inner movements, or even if we do take into account some of them, the others are left unattended. Too often, we ignore this inner invisible field. For example after a fight with a close friend we never ask ourselves, “Where did that anger come from?” or having seen a beautiful sunset, we never know why we felt so happy and inspired. And yet, if we are to make an attempt to define ourselves then we must take into account the whole of our being. We must know ourselves “inside-out”!



  “To see a World in a grain of sand,

And Heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour.”

--William Blake

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