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What do we say or write about God? The ultimate mystery, the absolute power, the supreme perfection, a mental creation, an unknown intelligence, the carved idol, the formless nihil, or the silent adoration! The answers are never enough or complete to describe this Wonder. For most of us God is that underlying Truth that upholds our lives. He is the very reason for our existence.

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No Escape

The thought of God has always bemused and teased man; many have chased him, found him, tried to bind him in words but just when one thought that a sure identity was discovered, the Wise Man would slip again, eluding any fixed description. He visits some as a mother, others as light and some call him greatness, and others, the Solace of the Poor. But personified or not, some such entity exists and even those who believe only in human will could be confronted by the notion that since God is in everything and everywhere, isn’t your own source of strength or being perhaps His own working. In other words, is God different from us?

Being human, one is trapped to believe in God. If one believes in perfection, we know that Perfection is but another characteristic of God; if we refuse idol worship, God is stamped in formlessness; and if we believe in ourselves, in our own will and deny a supernatural entity then the Indian wisdom will heartily agree that for you, indeed, that is the ultimate truth. The whole nature of Indian thought is such that God is immanent and one realizes that there is no escape from God, as He Himself is the very stuff of existence.

--Ambika Sarkar


“In other words, is God different from us?”

”God sees with an equal eye

A hero perish or a sparrow die,

Now a bubble burst now a world.


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