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The Painter

Ishita Sharma

“Later at home she picked up a brush again and started a new painting... How else could she have known this vast sky but for that storm that broke her tiny, closed glass window.”

The Diary of Shekhar Mandi


“Today I am like a new person, full of hope for humanity’s future. I believe that one day man will reach that stage, and be as perfect as he can ever be. And what can I do to help? Perhaps much, perhaps little, what matters is that I have found my goal and will forge through any difficulty to reach it.”

The Gift of Psychology

Divya Parasher

“...I had within me a Presence, a Truth that guided my life. It was as though a whole new world was born in front of my eyes. It was a discovery that opened up new and incredible vistas, unthought possibilities, and a truer reality.”

Re-discovered! -- Indian Psychology

Maria Wirth

“The Indian tradition gives profound and intuitive insight into the human condition. It also gives practical methods to find peace, joy and love, which, it claims, are inside everyone. These qualities are aspects of one’s true self-- of pure consciousness.”

Cycling or the Art of Living

Gauri Parasher

“And in this all-engulfing ocean of time, I don’t remember which particular wave separated my cycle from me but its precious gift always remained with me.”

The Real Me

Ambika Sarkar

“I do not understand the laws of the Universe and I don’t attempt to fight with the unknown powers at work but there is stuff in man, there is a nobility that is worth saving.”


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