National Conference on
Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology

Pondicherry, India
September 29 - October 1, 2002

List of Papers

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  1. Prof. (Smt.) Adesh Agarwal -- Spritual and Subjective Well-Being in Indian Tradition and Contemporary Psychology
  2. Dr. (Ms.) Jamal Akhter -- Indian Psychology and Practical Applications of Yoga
  3. Dr. Soumitra Basu -- Evolution of Cognitive Consciousness
  4. Prof. Ramesh L. Bijlani -- Yogic View of Life with Special Reference to Medicine
  5. Dr. P.N. Chaudhary -- Indigenous Indian Psychology: Whether modulative or generative orientation
  6. Prof. Brant Cortright -- The Meeting of East and West: The Fusion of Vedanta and Western Psychology in Integral Psychology
  7. Prof. Chittranjan N. Daftuar -- Spirit, Mind and Body Connection (a new field for research in psychology)
  8. Dr. Manoj Das -- Human Predicament and Mystic Folklore
  9. Chandrani Dasgupta -- A New Approach to Measure Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  10. Prof. A.S. Dash -- Indian Concepts of Personality
  11. Ms. Savita Deo -- Addictive Personality and its Counterpart in Indian Psychology
  12. Dr. Jay Mangal Deo -- Buddhist Approach to Emotional Management
  13. Ms. M. Deuskar -- Yoga Nidra and Stress Reduction
  14. Dr. Debdulal Dutta Roy -- Spiritual Health of Organisation: A new vision of organisational change in rural bank development
  15. Dr. Ayushman Goswami -- Yogata Karmasu Kaushalam
  16. M. Gunusekaran -- Improving the Cognitive Functions in the Language Learning Area of Learning Disability Children through Yoga
  17. Ms. Monica Gupta -- Revitalizing Developmental Psychology: Exploring Sri Aurobindo's Discourse on Human Development
  18. Prof. R.K. Gupta -- Individualized Familial Self: An Empirically Based Conceptualization of the Evolving Self of Professionally Educated Elite in a Developing Country
  19. Prof. Akbar Husain -- Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi's Viewpoint on the Concepts of Normality and Abnormality
  20. Dr. Vladimir Iatsenko -- Bhartrihari and the Theory of Sphota
  21. Aquib Javed -- Yogic-Force in the Mind and Body Consciousness
  22. Prof. Kireet Joshi -- Inaugral Address
  23. Prof. R.L. Kashyap -- Psychology in the Rig Veda and Yajur Veda Mantras
  24. Dr. Rupashree Khubalkar -- Psycho-Physiological Effects of Integral Meditation
  25. Mustafa Nadeem Kirmani -- Rituals as part of Therapeutic Systems in India
  26. Dr. (Ms.) Saroj Kothari -- Yoga and Health
  27. Dr. B. Krishna Murthy -- Yoga in Promoting Mental Health
  28. Mrs. Ranjana Madan -- Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation in the Light of the Teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
  29. P. Mahendran -- Effect of Yoga Practice - "The Art of Living" - on the Subjective Well-being of the General Population
  30. Pravir Malik -- Toward Flowering of Aravind Eye Care System
  31. Nira S. Manghrani -- A New Approach to Measure Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
  32. Dr. N.K. Manjunath -- Changes in the Depression System Scores and Self-rated Sleep of Institutionalised Elderly Persons Following Yoga and Ayurvedic Interventions.
  33. Prof. V.George Mathew -- Integrative Approach to Psychology
  34. L.S. Minhas -- An Indian Theory of Music and Its Impact on Human Mind
  35. Dr. (Mrs.) Kalyani Mishra -- Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation.
  36. Prof. Girishwar Misra -- Emotion in Modern Psychology and Indian Thought
  37. Mrs. Nishi Misra -- Application of Yoga in the Management of Stress-Related Illnesses
  38. Prof. B. Mukhopadhay Ð Chakra Meditation in Achieving Altered States of Consciousness
  39. Ms. Pannega K. Murthy -- Study of the concepts ahamkara and ego functions
  40. A. Madalai Muthu -- Yoga and Stress Management
  41. Ms. Annalakshmi N. -- Interventions for Cancer Patients with Integral Psychology
  42. Prof. (Ms.) B. Nagarathnamma -- Effect of Yoga in the Alleviation of Psychosomatic Disorders
  43. Ms. B. Nalini -- Psychosocial Aspects of Classical Dance Forms of India
  44. Prof. S. Narayanan -- Probabilistic Psychotherapy
  45. K.V. Naveen -- Yoga and Psychosis: Risks and Therapeautic Potential
  46. Dr. Sandhya Ojha -- Yoga: As a Psychological Discipline
  47. Prof. M.N. Palsane -- Role of Yamas and Niyamas in Shaping the Attitudes towards the Environment
  48. Mr. M.R. Panwar -- Effects of Yogic Exercises on Mental Functions at High-Altitude Acclimatization
  49. Prof. Anand Paranjpe -- Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Psychology in a Rapidly Globalizing Post-modern World
  50. Dr. Chandrakant P. Patel -- Tics and Suicidal Proneness Treated with Integral Psychology
  51. Prof. Aster Patel -- Psychology in India: A future perspective
  52. Dr. R.S. Pirta -- A Holisitc Model of Sustainable Development: An Indian approach to environmental psychology
  53. Prof. R.C. Pradhan -- Rising upto the Supramental Consciousness: Need for a new psychology
  54. Prof. Anand Prakash -- An Indigenous Perspective on Organizational Behavior in India
  55. Dr. (Ms.) G.P. Prakash -- Effect of Yoga on Blood Pressure and Moods of Grassland Scientists of Jhansi
  56. Dr. Usha Ram -- Personality discussed in Bhagwad Gita
  57. Panch Ramalingam -- Challenging Dimensions of Indian Psychology
  58. Mr. Sraddhalu Ranade -- Parapsychological Phenomena in the Light of Yogic Science
  59. Dr. N. Jhansi Rani -- Effect of Enhancement of Oxygen Supply through Yogic Procedure on Cognitive Task Performance
  60. Mrinalini Rao -- Karma Yoga as Preventive Therapy
  61. Prof. Ramakrishna Rao -- The Centrality of Consciousness in Classical Indian Psychology
  62. Dr. (Ms.) Usha Rao -- Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation
  63. Arshi Raza Naqvi -- Siddha System of Medicine: The South Indian Alchemy
  64. Dr. Anand Reddy -- The Silent Mind
  65. Dr. Kittu Reddy -- Organisational psychology in the Indian Context
  66. Uma Remella -- Transformational Leadership
  67. Mr. S. Robinson -- Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology
  68. Deepti Sachdev -- Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology as a Means to Effect Change and Transformation
  69. Dr. Vijendra Sahai -- Yoga Psychology: An Indian Approach to Psychology
  70. Prof. Pragya Sahay -- Psycho-Philosophical Basis of Yoga
  71. Dr. Sujata Satapathy -- Combined Effect of Art of Living, Counselling and Medical Treatment on Specific Mental Disorders: Some interventional case studies
  72. Ms. Sarvesh Satija -- Srimad Bhagawat Geeta- A Resource Book for Parenting
  73. Dr. K.A. Sebastian -- Some Reflections on Meditation and Intimacy
  74. Shivantika Sharad -- Contemporary application and practices of indian Psychology as taught by Lord Krishna in Geeta
  75. Ms. Anamika Sharma -- Yoga as an Intervention Strategy for Augmenting Spiritual Intelligence
  76. Aradhana Shukla -- Concept of Person in Indian Psychology
  77. Kundan Singh -- Relativism and its Relevance for Indian Psychology
  78. Prof. Stuart Sovatsky -- Spiritual Depths of Admiration in Family Therapy: Grihasta-Family Life as a Spiritual Path
  79. Dr. K. Srinivas -- Mind in Orthodox Indian Thought: Its Implications for Modern Psychology
  80. Prof. (Ms.) Usha Srivastava -- Indian Concepts of Personality and Higher Levels of Mind
  81. Ms. P. Sudha -- A Comparative Study of Psychological Distress Among Practicioners and Non-Practicioners of Yoga
  82. Ms. Puja Taneja -- Triguna as Mediating Variable in Stress and Well-being Relationship: A theoretical model
  83. Dr. Shirley Telles -- Yoga and Psychology: A Brief Overview of Research at Swami Vivekanand Yoga Research Foundation
  84. Mr. Nutankumar S. Thingujam -- Death Anxiety among People of Peaceful and Disturbed Areas: A comparative study
  85. Dr. K.M. Tripathi -- Indian Approach to Psychotherapy: Sattvavajaya-Concept and Application
  86. Dr. Vimla Vagrecha -- Yoga for Householders
  87. Prof. Y.S. Vagrecha -- Causes of Violence and Unity of Consciousness
  88. Prof. Prabhaker Vaidya -- An Information Theoretic Approach to Issues of Collective Unconscious and Superconscious
  89. Dr. Suneet Varma -- Academic Psychology in India: Past Trends and Future Possibilities
  90. Prof. Dr. S. Viswanathan -- Yoga Education in Annamali University: A role model centre, funded by UGC and approved by NAAC
  91. Ananda Wood -- Old ideas of mind
  92. Keikhashan Yaqub -- Yoga: A Holisitc Approach to Spiritual Health and Well-Being